What fragrance does Juvess have?

The fragrance is a light scent of bergamot with coriander. It is delightfully noticible by the person applying Juvess for a minute or two, but it is almost undetectble by others.

How long does one jar last?

A little goes a long ways. Our generous 2oz. jar size lasts anywhere between three to four months depending on the number of applications a day and size of the area to where it is applied. Three months is not abnormal for a twice daily face application use.

Does it work well under make-up?

Yes. Juvess Original absorbs into the skin immediately and Juvess Moisturizing absorbs in about 30 seconds. After absorbed, your skin is soft and not greasy which makes for the perfect environment for make-up.

Does Juvess work on scars and stretch marks?

We have had a great response from customers who have used the cream for this purpose. Juvess reduces the appearance of many kinds of skin issues by evening tone and creating soft and smooth skin. The beta-glucan, vitamin E, and copper peptides are the ingredients responsible for these effects that our customers love.

Do you have a reseller program?

Yes. Juvess is resold in spa and retail locations.
Contact [email protected] for details on becoming a reseller.